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Learn CPR in Birmingham, AL

You've found yourself in a life-threatening situation. What do you do? You can't see the future. You don't know what will happen in the next few minutes, hours or days. There are insurance policies to prepare for natural disasters and automobile accidents, but are you prepared for an emergency medical situation? Contribute to the health and safety of your loved ones and those around you by learning CPR. CTS & Associates offers classes seven days a week to groups and individuals who want to be prepared for medical emergencies.

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3 reasons to invest in CPR training

It's always good to be prepared. Here are three reasons to consider taking a CPR course:

  • Save the life of a coworker, friend, family member or stranger
  • Know what to do when someone stops breathing, in any situation
  • Don't wait for the arrival of a medical professional to help a person recover
Call 205-422-3922 or 205-774-5203 now to learn more about life support certification and training!

Become certified to save a life

CTS & Associates is run by two sisters who are nurses and American Heart Association certified instructors. CTS & Associates is dedicated to teaching skills that could play a role in saving a life in the workplace, at home or in public. We want to share these skills with individuals and businesses to help build a more prepared community.

Choose CTS & Associates today to prepare yourself for an emergency situation!

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